After a long three hour train ride, I finally arrived at Seoul on the 14th. Traveling within the country itself made me really exhausted so for the first few days, I decided to relax and catch up on my sleep. On the 16th, I decided to head out and explore the city of Seoul and my first stop was Bukchon. Bukchon Hanok Village (북천한옥마을) is a traditional village that is filled with a lot of alleys and traditional houses. This area was formally a residential quarter for high-ranking government officials during the Joseon Dynasty but it's now used as a cultural center for visitors to experience the atmosphere from that time period. There you are able to take part in classes, such as making your own scent or candle (if I recall correctly), and you can even try on traditional Korean clothing.  I absolutely loved exploring this area and seeing the old houses that people still live in today. If you ever visit Korea, this is one of the places you have to check out.

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