There was a time where I would always wear a watch but lately, I haven’t really found the need to given the fact that I (and anyone relatable) always have my phone on me.  However, when the kind people at JORD Watches reached out to me to see if I was interested in their product, I said yes! 

What drew me towards this brand was their beautifully hand crafted wood watches. Also, the fact that I had never heard of them made me look into their brand and their story. 

I have never owned anything made from wood and this watch definitely blew my mind. It’s everything you could want and hope for: they’re beautiful, fashionable, sustainable and functional. But there are some precautions you need to take:
1. keep it out of sunlight when you are not wearing it.
2. a little splash of water is okay but do not submerge it. It is untreated wood so it will expand when soaked.
3. make sure to keep it clean by applying lemon or orange oil with a soft cloth. (Remember to check what it says specifically for your type of watch)

The watch that I got was the Frankie 35 series in dark sandalwood and slate. I love the dark rich color of the wood and the gold/rose gold details to compliment it. It's also very minimal and simple that it pairs well with pretty much any outfit. The big plus though is the uncomplicated face which makes it easy to read the time.


Now the question comes to: would I recommend it? I think I would! Each watch comes with an authenticity card and a one year warranty making this watch feel like a very luxurious item.  If you’re looking for a cool gift, I highly recommend JORD watches because chances are, your friends or loved ones have never seen a watch like this.

Make sure to check them out on their website and Instagram! Also, don’t forget to join the giveaway! One winner will receive a $100 code and all other entrants will receive $25 once the contest ends. Happy shopping! xoxo

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Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Jord Watches