If you are a huge fan of K-Drama like me, you may already know about the drama called ‘Goblin.’ For those of you that don’t, this drama series is about a “goblin” that tries to end his life by marrying a human priestess. However, things start to get complicated as he starts to fall in love with her.

Because this drama has gain so much popularity, it actually sparked a trend in Korea. I would say that this is pretty common with any popular dramas. For example, ‘Descendants of the Sun’ has played a major role in sale increase for the cosmetic brand Laneige. This is due to the fact that the brand was showcased throughout the whole series and that the main character who used the products is a highly well known actress in all of Asia. Although Laneige is already a well known brand in Asia and in the U.S., these two key factors really helped in advertising themselves even more. When it comes to this popular drama, ‘Goblin,’ there’s no doubt that long coats would soon become a trend and the “it” item everyone had to have. In almost all of the episodes, the main character(s) were seen wearing a variety of coats from several designers such as Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen.

Long coats, or coats in general, are perfect for layering pretty much all year round and I, for one, always have one with me. I love how it can add a dramatic yet feminine touch to even the most basic outfit like the look I'm wearing. It just goes to show you that even the most simplest element can make a big impact on your look! x


SUNGLASSES: GentleMonster
TOP: Giordano Korea
JEANS: Vintage Levi's Mom Jeans
SHOES: Adidas Stan Smith
COAT: Topshop