With the seasonal transition to Spring, we've been having a lot of weather changes here in Chicago. It rain so much that it flooded in certain areas, and it snowed! Can you believe it? I can't.

This was the day after all the chaos and it was pretty gloomy. And what's a better way to brighten up your day? Simply by adding a pop of color! With gloomy weather, a color such as yellow can really help to brighten up your day and even make you feel good, despite the weather. Here, I have decided to go full out with yellow accessories: handbag, bracelets, belt and scarf. I might have overdone it but I love yellow and l, personally, think it's a fun color to mix and match with. This outfit can be seen as one that is really simple but take a look at the shoes and the studded belt! The design of the shoes and the belt work well together to give the outfit a bit of an edgy look.

We all have a specific color that works well with our skin tone. Ever since I was little, I've been told that yellow looked good on me. Being told that constantly, it lead me to like the color a lot and buy a lot of yellow clothing/pieces over the years. What color fits you best?


COAT: Aritzia
SHIRT: Topshop
SCARF & BAG: Korea
HEELS: Shoemint
JEWELRY: Dogeared, Cara & Francesca's