Gold Errthang

Hey Loves ♥ Decided to do a quick post before my last final of this semester.
Only one semester away from graduation!! Scary... Now, today is all about gold. Well... gold colored, plated, etc. Surprisingly, I wasn't a big fan of gold before because I thought it didn't really match well with anything. But lately, it's become another obsession of mine. I'm starting to have more gold than silver accessories. I guess my mom was right.. Gold is better (even if it's not the real thing).
So today's outfit is consisted of the peplum top and textured/embroider pants. The peplum top is definitely girly and gives any outfit a feminine look. Whether you dress it up casually or formally, it still gives off an elegant vibe. This top can be easily styled with some ripped jeans, shorts, skirts, prints, and more! As well, it compliments your body. It's cinched in and tight at the waist area so it shows off your body curves.
Now these pants. I LOVE them. Again, I was always so skeptical and stuck to the "plain jane" clothing.. no prints, texture or anything. When my boyfriend and I went shopping, he actually spotted these at Zara about 2 months ago. So it's been a while since I got these but these pants are gorgeous! You can actually feel the design and see it even though these are black pants.
Always gotta have some bling!
The skull and chain bracelet are both from Jeweliq. If you haven't heard about them, you should definitely check out their website (link below). They have gorgeous pieces at a super affordable price!
Now the cube necklace is from an new online company called ZOETIK (link below). As their website states, "ZOETIK is an online trove of timeless, quality jewelry featuring monthly collections." All of their jewelry is hypoallergenic and most of their pieces are plated using real gold, platinum, or rhodium.
Some of their pieces are a little bit expensive but the quality of the jewelry is definitely worth it. They do have items that start from as low as $14. What I like about their items is that they are truly unique and different. Especially the cube necklace, I haven't seen that anywhere so I was really drawn to it. Check out the website!

ZOETIK and I have decided to collaborate and do a giveaway together! Once everything is finalized, I will more about it in detail on the blog, instagram, tumblr, and twitter. So... be on the look out! And.. Remember, every week you have a chance to be featured on the blog and my ig. All you have to do is:
  1. Follow me on instagram (@parksuejin)
  2. Post your ootd photo & #thechicyou on instagram
  3. If you don't have ig, you can email me your pictures (
One lucky winner will be picked each week! So.. have fun, be creative and good luck!

Zara Pants, Forever21 Peplum Top
Jewelry: ZoetikJeweliq, Nordstrom, Marc by Marc Jacobs
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