Colorful Day

Zara Romper, Forever21 Clutch & Denim Jacket
Images via  Ryan Calacsan Photography                                                                                Zara Romper, Forever21 Clutch & Denim Jacket

Images via Ryan Calacsan Photography                                                                              Zara Romper, Forever21 Clutch & Denim Jacket

Chubby face! Hahaha Colorful post today featuring this lovely romper from Zara.

This day, we went to a very colorful part of Chicago.. more like a colorful street (Pilsen). There are so many artworks along the street and it's quite beautiful. We were only there for a few hours so we weren't really able to explore and see all the artwork. If you're a fan of street art, this is the place to visit.

 To go along with the beautiful and colorful scenery, this romper really blends in well with the neighborhood. Interestingly enough, I wasn't really a big fan of them. I think the main reason why was because of all the hassle you had to go through especially when going to the bathroom. Hahaha. Is it just me? Anyways.. But rompers make a good layering piece. Depending on the color, pattern, and/or design, you can always wear a shirt over it to make it look like you're wearing two different pieces. Same goes for when you want to wear a skirt. It's an effortless piece and you can always complete the look with a simple jacket or a cardigan.

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