ASOS Denim Jacket   ,    Alice & Pink Asymmetrical Skirt   ,   Skagen Watch,    @thatsmegmade    Customized Shoes (Also on    Etsy   )

ASOS Denim JacketAlice & Pink Asymmetrical SkirtSkagen Watch, @thatsmegmade Customized Shoes (Also on Etsy)

Today, we are combining a mixture of looks. We've got a punk, rock, edgy, girly, sexy, classy, boyfriend look. (Phew, that was a mouthful). Now, that's a lot in just one outfit but it works! You're able to create something new, something different by having a combination of different looks. Plus, it's more fun than just sticking to one thing. So don't be afraid to try new things!

This outfit is mainly focused on a relaxed boyfriend look, however there's a twist. Although you're dressed "down" with the over-sized denim jacket and a beanie, you're still able to get a sexy look out of it because of the asymmetrical skirt. Now, I finished this look with a pair of sneakers, but you can easily wear it with heels or wedges.


Going back to the skirt, a skirt like this is so versatile that you can style it in so many different ways. Looking at the last two photos, style 1 gives a sexy feel to the relaxed, comfy, boyish look. Yet, we're able to get a classy look out of style 2 by showing some skin yet retaining the nice, elegant look by pairing the skirt with a blazer and a statement necklace.

So to end today's post.. here's a fun fact!

Did you know that wearing asymmetrical clothing pieces or items can actually make you look longer? An example would be a scarf wrapped around your neck. If you have one side longer than the other, it makes you look longer/taller.

Have a great Monday loves!

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