The past few days, I've really been missing college. I miss being able to hang out with my friends a lot, going out past 12 to get food from Greek town or Jim's, and staying up late. Studying.. not so much. (haha) During college, most, if not all of us, don't really have time to pick out an outfit and do make up every single morning. And if you lived in the dorms, you most likely were going to go to class in sweats because (1) you woke up late, (2) you're going back to your dorm right after class or (3) you just don't care or are lazy. Now that was my typical daily outfit. Not necessarily to say my reason for dressing up like that is one out of the three reasons mentioned, but because I wanted to feel comfortable in what I wear. If I'm wearing something that's tight or uncomfortable, I tend to get distracted and lose my focus. My version of sweats - a loose knit and leggings - isn't really a classy outfit but I'd say that it's still well put together.

Aritzia Jacket
Top & Backpack from Korea
Steve Madden Wedges
MBMJ Watch
Sincerely Jules & Anarchy Street Rings
Madewell Bracelet