When all else fails, think black!

If you don't have time to pick out an outfit or don't know what to wear, simply pick a color. Monochromatic outfits can be considered as one of the "easiest" outfits to put together. Although you're working with one color or different shades of that color, it can easily be styled with some jewelry and shoes/heels to achieve the look you want to get. So for me, I wore this laid back jersey dress yet still wanted to look polished so I paired it with some boots. When it comes to outfits, there's no need to over think it. Sometimes, you can create a beautiful outfit by just grabbing random pieces out of your closet.

ASOS Denim Jacket
J.Crew Scarf
Zara Jersey Dress
Enzo Angiolini Boots
Tory Burch Bracelet
Vintage Watch

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